What are the product advantages of spherical bearings


The outer spherical bearing is actually a type of deep […]

The outer spherical bearing is actually a type of deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized by its spherical outer diameter, which can match the corresponding self-aligning effect of the concave spherical bearing. Although its basic performance should be similar to that of deep groove ball bearings, but because the bearings are mainly used for mechanical roughness and inaccurate installation positions, the axis of the shaft and the hole is neutral, or the large axial length and deflection under conditions, etc., and the bearing The accuracy itself is not high, and some structures are rough, so the actual performance comparison performance is greatly discounted in deep groove ball bearings of the same specification.
Advantages of spherical bearings:
I. Convenient installation The spherical bearing with a seat is composed of a spherical bearing and a bearing seat. When in use, there is no need to design a bearing box separately. The size is small and the structure is simple. It can be directly installed on the host design part with bolts, which is convenient to use. Zh
Second, the simple and practical bearing housing has an overall structure, large load bearing capacity, good rigidity, and bearings and bearing housings can be interchanged, that is, the same bearing housing can be installed with different types of bearings; similarly, the same type of bearing can choose various types of bearing housing . Zh
Third, the automatic adjustable spherical bearing with seat can work in the case of two bearing housings with different shafts, the maximum automatic adjustment angle can reach 2 °. Zh
4. The inner diameter of the auxiliary auxiliary spherical bearing with a seat adopts the "+" tolerance to form a clearance fit with the shaft. The bearing is fixed on the shaft through some top wires, eccentric sleeves or adapter sleeves on the inner ring, which reduces the The accuracy of the shaft requires that it is extremely convenient to install or replace bearings.