• Application of bearings in the field of energy engineering (2)

    In terms of hydropower units, China plans to build large hydropower bases, with an additional 92 million kW of additional power stations. Sliding bearings bring a huge market, and also put forward higher requirements. Such as used in the lower frame of Three Gorges Hydropower Station The total axial load on the thrust bearing in the center body oil groove is up to 5520. The smoothness and verticality of the thrust head and mirror plate The straightness requirement is very high, and the allowable error is only 2mm. In addition, in terms of wind turbines, China will add new wind turbines in the ... read more

    Feb 22, 2020 News
  • Bearing applications in the petrochemical industry

    In the petrochemical industry, high speed, low consumption, and long life are required for cleaning bearings of typical petrochemical equipment such as compressors and fans. In the press, in order to increase the number of units, the rotor and cell body are very small, so it is required The bearings ensure that the rotor meets the requirements of such high-speed and high-precision operation. For fans, due to the long-term continuous operation, the long-life and easy-to-maintain requirements are imposed on the bearings. The diameter range of the plain bearings of these devices is 83oomm, the sp... read more

    Mar 06, 2020 News
  • Bearing applications in the petrochemical industry (2)

    To sum up, large size, high specific pressure, low energy consumption, no pollution, low noise, high reliability, long life, super lubrication, high precision, high stiffness, intelligent and other high-end sliding bearings under extreme conditions and special environments. Innovative design and manufacturing theory, method and technology are the commonality and key scientific and technological problems that China's high-end sliding bearings urgently need to solve. Energy and motion are transmitted through the interface between mechanical parts. The macro performance of mechanical equipment an... read more

    Mar 14, 2020 News
  • Large bearing type

    Oversized bearings such as wind power and shield machines Due to the relatively low technical threshold of 1.5MW yaw, change industry, and spindle bearings in wind turbines, a number of domestic bearing companies have been able to mass-produce and have basically achieved domestic production. The Wafangdian Bearing Group and Tianma Bearing Group Domain has the largest market share. The large-scale wind turbine turntable and spindle bearings of 3MW and above have a large gap from China's and foreign countries in terms of product design and manufacturing process testing test technology. The chang... read more

    Mar 20, 2020 News
  • Application of bearings in the field of weapon equipment manufacturing

    Magnetic levitation bearing technology can significantly improve the performance of some weapons and equipment, which has important strategic significance. Military equipment The demand for magnetic levitation bearing technology includes the following areas: Requirements for ship equipment: Low detectability can be reflected by quietness indicators. Improve the quietness of the submarine Reduce vibration and noise on the submarine. Mechanical vibration of rotating parts is an important source of submarine noise. Magnetic suspension bearing In the shaft system, there is an air gap between the r... read more

    Mar 28, 2020 News
  • Application of binding machine bearings

    With the rapid development of China's economy and equipment manufacturing industry, China's steel output has also risen sharply, and it has become a global steel-producing country. In order to increase steel output, major domestic steel mills purchase and install a large number of steel production lines. However, domestic high-end, advanced rolling mills and other steel equipment are mainly imported products, such as equipment and equipment of multinational enterprises such as Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Japan. The key components. The main imported brand of high... read more

    Apr 03, 2020 News