• 5 minutes to master the rust prevention method of non-standard bearings

    Non-standard customized bearings are non-standard customized bearings. In popular terms, they are bearings that do not meet the external dimensions specified by national standards, that is, all bearings whose external dimensions are different from national standards. Its main features are low generality, mostly for special equipment and special occasions, small batches, and trial products of new research and development equipment account for the majority; but due to its non-scale and batch production, there are not many production enterprises and high costs , The price is more expensive. The f... read more

    Dec 20, 2019 News
  • Failure Analysis of Miniature Bearings

    Miniature bearings refer to all kinds of bearings of metric series with an outer diameter of less than 9mm; inch series with an outer diameter of less than 9.525mm! The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, etc. The smallest inner diameter can be 0.6mm, and the inner diameter is generally more than 1mm. Miniature bearings are suitable for various industrial equipment, small rotary motors and other fields with high speed and low noise, such as: office equipment, micromotors, instruments, laser engraving, small clocks, soft drives, pressure rotors, d... read more

    Dec 28, 2019 News
  • Bearing noise is loud, the culprit is it!

    Generally speaking, the vibration in the bearing, the rolling bearing itself does not generate noise, the "bearing noise" usually felt is actually the bearing directly or indirectly generates vibration sound effects with the surrounding structure. That's why many times the noise problem can be considered as a vibration problem involving the entire bearing application. (1) Excitation due to changes in the number of loaded rolling elements: When a radial load is applied to a certain bearing, the number of rolling elements that carry the load will change slightly during operation, which causes th... read more

    Jan 03, 2020 News
  • Miniature bearings

    Miniature bearings usually refer to a class of bearing products with an inner diameter of 1-9mm or inch sizes from 1.016 to 9.525mm. Miniature deep groove ball bearings are widely used. According to the size and structure of the bearings, the major bearing companies in the world have slightly different model numbers. There are differences. The Japanese NMB bearing type designation letter + outer diameter size + inner diameter size allows users to intuitively understand the product specifications. Others, such as NSK bearings, are marked as MR bearings. The method adopts international standards... read more

    Jan 11, 2020 News
  • Development Trend of Research on Vibration and Noise of Rolling Bearings

    1. Noise measurement and measurement standards It is mainly to develop a portable noise measuring instrument to realize the on-site measurement and analysis of noise. Resolution of the problem It is the basic condition for mass-producing low-noise bearings. Japan has reported measurement standards for bearing noise. Although portable noise measuring instruments have been developed abroad, in addition to being inconvenient to use, the most important issue is still There are two major difficulties in developing this kind of noise measuring instrument: the isolation effect of background noise and... read more

    Jan 21, 2020 News
  • Application of bearings in the field of energy engineering

    According to the (Tenth Five-Year Plan for Power Industry Research Report), During this period, China will build a large-capacity thermal power unit with a scale of 560 million kW. The scheme of high parameter and large capacity unit was presented. In these high-parameter, large-capacity units, high-end bearing technology is required as the basis for breaking. However, there is still a large gap between China's bearing products and foreign countries. High-end bearings rely on foreign technology on a large scale. For nuclear power plants, in accordance with the National Medium and Long-Term Dev... read more

    Feb 10, 2020 News