• The main points and functions of the choice of outer spherical bearings

    The market requirements for various mechanical devices and instruments using rolling bearings are becoming increasingly stringent, and the conditions and performance required for the outer spherical bearings are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to be able to select a suitable outer spherical bearing from a large number of structures and sizes, it is necessary to study from various angles. When selecting a bearing, generally consider the arrangement of the outer spherical bearing as the shafting, the ease of installation and disassembly, the space allowed by the spherical bearing of the ... read more

    Nov 09, 2019 News
  • Deep groove ball bearing quality grade standard

    Deep groove ball bearings, different grades of bearings, the price difference is very large. There are three main criteria for evaluating the quality of deep groove ball bearings: 1. Tolerance of bearings: tolerances and shape tolerances of deep groove ball bearings are expressed by tolerance class. For example, P6 is better than P0, P5 is better than P6, and P5 is twice the price of P6. 2, vibration level: there are Z0, Z1, Z2, Z4 and so on. Z1 group is better than Z0 group, Z2 group is better than Z1 group; or V1 group is better than V0 group, V2 group is better than V1 group, etc. 3. Noise,... read more

    Nov 15, 2019 News
  • What is the significance of the equipment of the outer spherical bearing on the bearing industry?

    The production process of the entire spherical bearing is a rather complicated process. The outer spherical bearing assembly is the last process of the production of the outer spherical bearing. It is obvious that the outer spherical bearing assembly process has high requirements for work, because this is the key. One step, what is the significance of the outer spherical bearing equipment for the external spherical bearing industry? In the production of various types of outer spherical bearings, there are about hundreds of processes from the manufacture of the ferrule blank to the completion o... read more

    Nov 23, 2019 News
  • What are the product advantages of spherical bearings

    The outer spherical bearing is actually a type of deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized by its spherical outer diameter, which can match the corresponding self-aligning effect of the concave spherical bearing. Although its basic performance should be similar to that of deep groove ball bearings, but because the bearings are mainly used for mechanical roughness and inaccurate installation positions, the axis of the shaft and the hole is neutral, or the large axial length and deflection under conditions, etc., and the bearing The accuracy itself is not high, and some structures are ro... read more

    Nov 29, 2019 News
  • How to keep the spherical bearing clean and prolong its service life

    In the bearing work, heat generation is a common problem, and there are many factors that cause the high temperature of spherical bearings. Relatively speaking, the following five types of heating are common. After understanding the different factors that cause the heating of spherical bearings, you need to prescribe the right medicine so that To completely eliminate the danger of high temperature of the spherical bearing, the relative solutions are inevitable. 1. Response to bearing life of spherical bearings Because the bone body and the raceway are absolutely inactive and the invasion of pu... read more

    Dec 06, 2019 News
  • Application range of deep groove ball bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearing. Deep groove ball bearings consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cages. There are two types of deep groove ball bearings: single row and double row. The deep groove ball structure is also divided into sealed and open structures. seal. The dust seal cover material is stamped from a steel plate, which simply prevents dust from entering the bearing raceway. The oil-proof type is a contact oil seal, which can effectively prevent the grease in the bearing from overflowing. The single row deep ... read more

    Dec 14, 2019 News