• What are the causes of vibration damage of deep groove ball bearings (1)

    1. Partial damage: A small number of bearing raceways and rolling elements may be damaged due to handling or installation errors. In operation, rolling a damaged bearing component produces a specific vibration frequency. Vibration frequency analysis identifies damaged bearing components. This principle has been applied to condition monitoring equipment to detect damage to deep groove ball bearings. To calculate the bearing frequency, please refer to the calculation program "bearing frequency". www.nb-huayi.com read more

    Sep 12, 2019 News
  • Clearance selection and ferrule processing of double row deep groove ball bearings (2)

    When selecting the double-row deep groove ball bearing clearance, first consider that the elastic tension of the double row deep groove ball bearing and the shaft and the casing hole will lead to the change of the bearing clearance value. Generally, the clearance value will be reduced after the bearing is installed; If the double row deep groove ball bearing is in the process of the mechanism, due to the different heat dissipation conditions of the shaft and the outer casing, a temperature difference between the inner ring and the outer ring will occur, which will result in a reduction in the ... read more

    Sep 30, 2019 News
  • What are the causes of vibration damage of deep groove ball bearings (2)

    Excitation due to the change in the number of rolling elements: When a radial load is applied to a bearing, the number of rolling elements carrying the load changes slightly during operation, which causes a shift in the load direction. The resulting vibration is unavoidable, but can be mitigated by axial preloading and applied to all rolling elements (not for cylindrical roller bearings). www.nb-huayi.com read more

    Oct 12, 2019 News
  • What are the causes of vibration damage in deep groove ball bearings?(3)

    3. Contaminants: If operating in a polluted environment, impurities may enter deep groove ball bearings and be crushed by rolling elements. The degree of vibration generated depends on the amount, size and composition of the particles being crushed, although it does not produce a typical frequency form, but an irritating noise can be heard. www.nb-huayi.com read more

    Oct 19, 2019 News
  • What are the causes of vibration damage of deep groove ball bearings (4)

    4. the accuracy of the relevant components: in the case of a tight fit between the bearing ring and the bearing housing or the drive shaft, the bearing ring may be deformed in accordance with the shape of the adjacent components. If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation. The causes of noise generated by rolling bearings are more complicated. One is the wear of the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Due to this wear, the bearing and the housing, the bearing and the shaft are broken, resulting in the axis deviating from the correct position and generating an abnormal sound ... read more

    Oct 24, 2019 News
  • Basic knowledge of deep groove ball bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings are a more common type of rolling bearings. The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cages. The deep groove ball bearing types are single row and double row. The deep groove ball structure is also divided into two types: sealed and open. The open type refers to the bearing without sealing structure. The sealed deep groove ball is divided into dustproof seal and oil proof. seal. The dust seal cover material is stamped from steel plate, which is simple to prevent dust from entering the bearing raceway... read more

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