Method for periodic inspection of outer spherical bearing failure


After the movement period, the oscillation and noise ar […]

After the movement period, the oscillation and noise are kept at a certain level, and the spectrum is very pure, showing only one or two times the frequency. After the outer spherical bearing went into operation, the NTN bearing oscillation and noise began to increase. Sometimes the abnormal sound was revealed, but the increase of the oscillation was less rapid. At this time, the bearing kurtness value suddenly reached a certain number. NTN bearings express late-stage fault characteristics to reveal serious faults (normal surface bearing damage such as shaft, burning, sand cracking, raceway, bead wear, etc.) is not more than one week, and the facility volume is more Larger, the faster the speed, the shorter the interval. First of all, we have to say that maintaining bearing lubricants and tidy is very tight.

NTN bearings express a strong regularity in their application, and the repeatability is very good. Rare* reveals three times the spectrum above the power frequency, and the bearing condition is very stable and has entered a firm office period. Note: The oil should be filtered before use. It is possible to get the oil to get together with the remaining contaminants and then vent the oil. However, please note that bearings are not suitable for adding too much grease. Since these remaining fibers may be wedged between the bones and cause damage, especially the application of small bearings needs to pay attention to this problem. Therefore, before we perform the inspection of the surface bearing of the outer ball, the outer surface of the bearing should be cleaned first, and then the parts around the bearing should be disassembled. Everyone should note that the oil seal is a very weak part, because this is particularly cautious in the inspection and disassembly, do not exert excessive force, so as not to cause the destruction of the parts. Lubricating oil is very tight, not only for the surface bearing of the outer ball, but also for all imported bearings. Then carefully check the oil seal of the bearing and the surrounding parts. If the bad symptoms have already flashed, it must be changed easily. The bad oil seal will cause the bearing to be destroyed, and the bearing cloud will be abnormal and the facility will be shut down. We feel that the surface bearing of the outer ball is expressed as a fault at the beginning of the period. The surface bearing of the outer ball using the oil lubricant should be refilled with novel oil and allowed to rotate at low speed for a few minutes if the old oil is drained. Apply a little bit of lubricating oil to rub between the two fingers. If there is any contaminant, it can be felt. Or apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the opposite side of the palm, and then seal the light. Because of this, in the actual NTN bearing fault diagnosis, once the late fault feature is detected, it should not hesitate to judge the bearing fault and try to speed up the resettlement inspection and repair.

When the surface bearing of the normal high-quality outer ball is activated, the oscillation and noise are relatively small, but the spectrum is a bit scattered and the amplitude is small, which may be caused by a lack of manufacturing process, such as external burrs. When the bearing using the grease lubricant is modified to be easy to grease, the cutter used should prevent the cotton from being attached to any part of the bearing. Secondly, we also need to check the lubricating oil of the bearing.