Trade Association and Bearing Association


The Philippine International Metalworking Exhibition wi […]

The Philippine International Metalworking Exhibition will debut in Manila from 22 to 25, attracting traditional industrial countries such as Germany and Japan to participate, and the Foreign Trade Association will join hands with the Bearing Association to form a total of 40 manufacturers. The trade association believes that the Philippine market has low taxes and high economic growth. However, in the past, there was a lack of an international industrial manufacturing exchange platform. It took time and time for foreign technology and machinery to enter the market. There will be new breakthroughs this year.

The scale of the Philippine International Metalworking Exhibition was expanded, and the Philippine International Smart Manufacturing Industry Exhibition was held at the same time. The trade association participated for the first time, and participated in 8 Taiwanese factories including Yinghan, Youlong, Jiulongwan, Diss, Shangshang, and United Steel. The exhibits included electronic Serial Device Servers, Industrial Ethernet Switches, and hydraulic presses for machines. , Surface lapping machine, fan and pipe bending machine, as well as industrial type of axle brush, workpiece fixture, and GI/GL/PPGI/PPGL/PIPE of raw materials.

In addition to exhibiting, the Trade Association, in conjunction with the Smart Machinery Overseas Promotion Program, is based on the theme of "Taiwan Smart Machinery", focusing on intelligent processing technology, prophetic diagnostic services and factory intelligent management combined with the Internet of Things, by Yinghan Technology and Zhengheyuan. Machinery and Advantech have published solutions to shape the intelligent image of Taiwan's smart machinery.

According to the trade association, the Philippines' GDP growth rate has exceeded 6% in the past six years, surpassing the overall performance of ASEAN, and this year is expected to exceed 7%. According to the Trade Association, in the past, the Philippines was not a traditional manufacturing country. In the environment of underdeveloped industries, it is important to rely on the successful experience and technology of the surrounding countries. In the past two years, the Philippines' manufacturing purchasing managers' index has been greater than 50. It has been expanding for more than 24 months. It is expected that the index will continue to climb while promoting national infrastructure.