How to keep the spherical bearing clean and prolong its service life


In the bearing work, heat generation is a common proble […]

In the bearing work, heat generation is a common problem, and there are many factors that cause the high temperature of spherical bearings. Relatively speaking, the following five types of heating are common. After understanding the different factors that cause the heating of spherical bearings, you need to prescribe the right medicine so that To completely eliminate the danger of high temperature of the spherical bearing, the relative solutions are inevitable.
1. Response to bearing life of spherical bearings
Because the bone body and the raceway are absolutely inactive and the invasion of purification dust, the bone body and the raceway wear out nominally. When the amount of wear is large, the bearing, noise, and vibration increase, which increases the precision of the bearing operation, so it indirectly reflects the precision of some long machines.
density. Therefore, for some spherical bearings for silent machines, the daily maintenance is mainly to prevent the invasion of purified dust.
2. Response to vibration noise
The cleanliness of the outer spherical bearing responds equally to the life of the needle bearing. The bearing has stopped special experiments for this purpose, and the consequence is that the difference is several times or even * dozens of times. The higher the cleanliness of the bearing, the longer the service life.
Smooth oils have a large response to the life of ball bearings. Because improving the cleanliness of the smooth oil can extend the life of the bearing, so if the dirt particles in the smooth oil are under 10um, the life of the outer spherical bearing will also double.
3. For the smooth function, the decline of the cleanliness of the outer spherical bearing does not only reflect the composition of the smooth oil film, but also causes the degradation of the smooth grease and slows down its aging, thereby reflecting the smooth function of the smooth grease.
The experimental results of the outer spherical bearing experimental core indicate that the degree of cleanliness greatly reflects the degree of vibration of the bearing, especially the high frequency vibration is more obvious. High cleanliness of the spherical bearing has low vibration progress value, especially in the high frequency spectrum. Experiments have been performed on the response of the dust in the smooth grease of the spherical bearing to noise, and it is confirmed that the more dust, the louder the noise.