How to keep the outer spherical bearings clean and stable? (1)


Fever is a common problem when the bearing is working, […]

Fever is a common problem when the bearing is working, and there are many external spherical bearings with high temperatures due to external factors. The temperature rise of the outer spherical bearing caused by different factors needs to be overcome in different ways. In order to completely eliminate the risk of the outer spherical bearing temperature, it is inevitable compared to the solution.
Due to the intrusion of dust in the outer spherical bearing during application, the wear amount is large, noise and vibration are serious, which seriously affects the running precision of the bearing, thereby indirectly reflecting the service life of a certain bearing. Therefore, for some spherical bearings, regular cleaning is a very important care item.
With the increasing use of outer spherical bearings in the market, it has a very important role in the market. For its transportation, the first thing to pay attention to is the concern in packaging, because the outer spherical bearing is relatively small in volume. In terms of price, consumers often buy more quantities, and they need to be packaged for transportation. Pay attention to the choice of packaging.