Deep groove ball bearing quality grade standard


Deep groove ball bearings, different grades of bearings […]

Deep groove ball bearings, different grades of bearings, the price difference is very large. There are three main criteria for evaluating the quality of deep groove ball bearings:
1. Tolerance of bearings: tolerances and shape tolerances of deep groove ball bearings are expressed by tolerance class. For example, P6 is better than P0, P5 is better than P6, and P5 is twice the price of P6.
2, vibration level: there are Z0, Z1, Z2, Z4 and so on. Z1 group is better than Z0 group, Z2 group is better than Z1 group; or V1 group is better than V0 group, V2 group is better than V1 group, etc.
3. Noise, there is no standard yet. However, for some equipment with special occasions, there are special requirements for noise.
4, bearing material: deep groove ball bearing material and bearing steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramics, bearing prices vary greatly.